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Laveer Capital Management

Laveer is a sailing term meaning to "beat (or sail) against the wind." This is an apt description for Laveer's investment philosophy.

Experience in many markets and cycles has shaped Laveer's investment approach. Where do the best investment opportunities come from? Where is price discovery rewarded? Laveer seeks misunderstood markets, out of favor strategies, concepts disrupting legacy incumbents and inefficiencies identified through an understanding of investor psychology. Price is truth. Contrary by nature. At the time the majority has it figured out, the best, and less risky, returns are gone.

Dudley K. Beyler is the Founder of Laveer Capital Management, LLC (Laveer).

Dudley began his career trading energy, currency, equity, volatility and global interest rate derivatives. He was a proprietary trader managing his and partner’s capital. Dudley traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Intercontinental Exchange, Eurex and Chicago Board Options Exchange. Dudley often worked with exchanges to provide liquidity for new and thin traded products.

In January of 2008, Dudley bought his first peer-to-peer loan on Prosper Marketplace. While the credit crunch was not a timely starting point for lending, the opportunity to act as his own bank was too attractive. For the first time technology was beginning to impact banking as it has other industry. Since the Fall of 2014 the marketplace lending portfolio exclusively focuses on real estate lending. It is Laveer's belief marketplace lenders, and more broadly FinTech, are providing opportunity to earn non-correlated returns superior to what is available in public markets. Early adopters, appropriately vetting platforms, will be rewarded.

Dudley recently authored the book Capital Disruption -- The stories of nine pioneers and their vision to change the lending industry. The book is a series of stories from founders and people of influence on a mission to change an industry.

Beginning in the Spring of 2014, Laveer began funding early stage revenue generating companies and small businesses. These companies face funding challenges like many mature businesses, but the solutions available are limited. Venture capital, angel investors and banking institutions do not address these concerns. Laveer aims to fill these funding gaps and move the company along its capital lifecycle. Laveer works with portfolio companies on growth strategies, market position and de-risking. (Please check out the testimonials.)

Additional investment experience includes a portfolio of multi-family and commercial real estate in downtown Chicago. In 2009 the prices of real estate fell, yet in specific areas property cash flows maintained. Attempting to capitalize on this mismatch, Dudley began acquiring property through foreclosure auction in the spring of 2009. Dudley targets value add opportunities in need of renovation or repositioning due to poor utilization. (Pictures of some projects can be found on IG @laveercapital.)


Laveer has been a remarkably responsive and creative capital partner. Dudley blends great macro-economic vision with detailed and meticulous analysis. A key differentiator — and one of the primary reasons we’ve worked with Laveer on multiple deals – is that the Laveer team has been willing to tailor their capital solutions to our unique needs. Instead of leading with a product offering, Laveer starts with our specific business requirements and constraints, and then structures their solutions accordingly. Though the approach is totally bespoke, Dudley and his team always operate on a very commercial and responsive timeline

– Nathan Popkins, Founder Align Income Share Funding

Dudley’s insight and involvement in our early stage FinTech startup has been invaluable. His breadth of knowledge in the financial ecosystem and data driven approach combined with his guidance in structuring partnerships and raising capital has markedly accelerated our growth curve. Additionally, his perpetual interest and ability to connect us with “A-player” contacts has knocked down walls in days that would have taken us months or years to achieve.

– Greg McKibben, Founder/CEO MKT Lender

As one of our earliest investors, Dudley is continuously thinking of ways to help us advance the business through creative growth and fundraising strategies. Dudley’s always taken a candid and helpful approach as we’ve navigated the minefields of startup life. Over time he’s continued to be a valued resource and a thoughtful investor who consistently goes out of his way to lend a hand when needed.

– Dan Parsons Co-Founder DRYV

As an active member of the Chicago Trading and FinTech communities, Dudley Beyler has the ability to contribute his strong business acumen, deep industry knowledge, and vast network. We have been pleased to work with Dudley and Laveer Capital Management, and appreciate his collaborative business approach and willingness to share his insights. Along with many amazing advances shaped by innovation and disruption, Dudley shares our belief that relationships are at the core of any successful venture ecosystem.

– Michael Busch, President Burling Bank

“As an entrepreneur, the ultimate capital partner from a personal perspective is finding an individual who approaches the venture with empathy and resilient enthusiasm for the company’s mission and inherent hurdles that must be overcome to accomplish it. There is no doubt that we have found that with Dudley Beyler. Dudley has been in the Packback team’s corner since day 1 of our established relationship. Dudley has helped us with valuable introductions, sound advice as we explore new ideas, and most importantly his continued personal support throughout the marathon of new challenges that is entrepreneurship.”

– Mike Shannon, Co-founder Packback

Dudley Beyler takes a very thoughtful and innovative approach to everything he does. Having done several deals with Dudley, I have seen his creative perspective, structuring acumen and discipline reward his co-investors. Dudley also brings energy and enthusiasm to his ongoing advisory work with his portfolio companies, helping management teams with tangible and substantive advice and mentoring to bolster their growth initiatives.

– John Lawrence, President JOLA Capital Advisors

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